Oil Rig Accidents


In Louisiana, we enjoy one of the largest and most successful oil and gas industries in the United States. Many Louisiana residents and Louisiana workers have, at one point, been employed in the oil and gas industry or have family members who have worked on platforms or rigs. Many of the rest of us enjoy the Louisiana coastal waterways and offshore and recreational activities including offshore fishing, inshore fishing and boating.

Unfortunately, the maritime industry and recreational use of Louisiana waterways result in thousands of maritime and offshore accidents each year as a result of the negligence and/or fault of other persons or entities. Injuries caused in these capacities may entitle the injured party and his or her family to financial recovery under the various bodies of law that govern both Louisiana territorial and the international waterways in the Gulf of Mexico. If you or a loved one has been injured, it is important to contact the Lafayette offshore accident lawyers at Law Office of Jason M. Welborn.